Our Story

Vittore Vintage stands by the philosophy of buy-once-use-forever. Each item is carefully studied and filtered according to reputation, authenticity, and details that would ensure its quality even after time has passed. 

'Vittore' is the Italian form of the Roman Latin ‘Victor,’ which translates as 'conqueror'. Much like our arsenal, which boasts one of one pieces, it is awarding each piece to its rightful owner who raced first toward victory, a true conqueror today.


Purveyors of rare and authentic vintage menswear goods

The Vittore wearer is someone who clearly knows what he or she wants. Every Vittore wearer has a refined taste when it comes to their way of living.

The importance to an item's intrinsic value of the piece being acquired, is knowing more than just the functionality and beauty, but the story and history behind it. 

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Vittore means conqueror. Our arsenal features only one of one pieces, and is awarded to its true, rightful owner.